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Graphic Skateboard Deck Retro Series Fishing

Graphic Skateboard Deck Retro Series Fishing

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Graphic Skateboard Deck - Canadian Maple
Retro Series Fishin' Skateboard Deck. This new school skateboard comes with a mellow concave allowing for a more flat-footed skating style. The edges of the board are not so bowled compared to medium and steep concaves. Fishin' Our new Fishin graphic combines the absolute best of the 90s to create one awesome graphic that pits the worlds strongest sailor against the oceans most ferocious great white shark. When the two clash, all bets are off, and there is no telling weather our hero will get devoured by those massive jaws, or if the great white will get canned and sold as tuna.
Complete Details
: Retro - Fishing
Deck Size
:31" Long , Width as your choice
Wheel Base
:7-Ply Maple
:Trickboard -Concave, Kicktail, Nose
Please check on Deck condition before installing it. Once the deck is installed, no return is accepted.
Note: Colors and graphics may vary slightly from image

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